xiaomi pattern and password reset tutorial

careful enthusiasts, it may have found a new Developer Edition log: “delete account millet lock screen can be” forgotten password “function.”

What function is specifically removed? Previously, when you continuously entered the wrong lock screen password on the lock screen, you will be prompted to choose “forgot password”.After clicking, you will be prompted to use the account ID of Xiaomi ID to unlock the phone (as shown below).

You may not understand why you want to delete such a good feature? is it necessary?
We have discussed many rounds on this issue. Finally decided to delete, there are two big reasons:1. Retaining this function has obvious security risks. It is easy to get all the data in the mobile phone after the user’s mobile phone is lost (more on this later)2. There are no similar password forgetting features for mainstream mobile phone manufacturers including Apple and Samsung.

I will explain now, if we do not delete this feature, what happens when the user’s mobile phone is checked by the thief.Suppose your phone is logged in to the Xiaomi ID and also sets the lock screen password:1. After the mobile phone is checked by the thief, he cannot directly enter the mobile phone because of the lock screen password. However, after continuously entering the wrong password, he found that the lock screen password can be reset with the account ID of the Xiaomi ID.2. So, he first removes your SIM card and installs it on another mobile phone, so you know your mobile number, we assume 18,000,000,0003. Then, log in to Xiaomi’s official website with a PC, select the Forgot Password function (as shown below), and then reset your Xiaomi ID password by the phone number just now.

4. Then go to your Xiaomi phone, select the forgotten password on the lock screen, and then enter the password of the Xiaomi ID to reset the lock screen password.5. Finally, I successfully entered the phone. Your contacts, pictures, text messages, emails, etc. are all exposed and are highly likely to be used for fraud. Even WeChat, Alipay, and QQ may all be logged in, and the funds inside may be transferred. Moreover, your mobile phone number is still in the hands of thieves. With this mobile phone number, you can reset the passwords of your multiple services. The consequences are very serious.

You may ask: Is the thief so smart? The thief who detected your phone may not be smart, but when your phone is sold out into the underground market, it is likely to be handled this way.

If we remove the function of forgetting the password, the story will become like this:1. After the mobile phone is checked by the thief, he cannot directly enter the mobile phone because of the lock screen password.2. Since the lock screen password cannot be reset by the Xiaomi ID, he can only clear the lock screen password by brushing.3. After the phone is finished, the phone’s lock screen password is gone, but all the data in the phone will be cleared.4. At the same time, because the thief did not normally exit the Xiaomi ID before brushing the machine, once the mobile phone is connected to the network, it will trigger passive locking, and the mobile phone still cannot be used. Only enter the password of the Xiaomi ID to unlock the phone.

After comparing the two, the result is very obvious. If you don’t remove the forgotten password, the worst case is a large amount of data leakage, which may cause a lot of property loss, or even personal safety (your Taobao account records your home, company, etc. Address information);To get rid of the forgotten password, the worst case is that the phone won’t come back, but all the data is safe.
We believe that the user’s personal data is more important than anything else. Forgetting the lock screen password is a small probability event. For this small probability event, it is totally unworthy to bet on the security of the user data.Therefore, I hope that users can understand our practices and then remember the lock screen password 🙂

Finally attach a Q&A:1. What about fingerprint phones? Is it easier to forget the password?In fact, it won’t be because fingerprint phones don’t always need to enter a password.Each time the phone is restarted and the fingerprint is entered incorrectly, the user will be required to re-enter the password. At the very least, this password will not be easily forgotten.
2. What can I do if I really forget the lock screen password?There are two situations:A. The phone does not have a BL lock (BootLoader is not locked): you can directly brush the machine, but the data in the phone will be lost.B. The phone has a BL lock (BootLoader is locked): the shutdown state “power button + volume” enters the recovery mode, then install the Xiaomi assistant ( http://zhushou.xiaomi.com/ ) on the PC, connect the phone with the data cable And PC, then reset the phone data. Similarly, all data in the phone will be lost.All of the above methods can remove the lock screen password of the mobile phone. The only problem is that the mobile phone data is completely lost. This is also a measure to protect mobile phone data.
3. How can I guarantee that my data is complete?Very simple, when you use your mobile phone, open the Xiaomi cloud service to back up key data.That way, even if you are brushed, you can retrieve most of the data, including contacts, photos, and so on.Or, periodically back up your data using your phone’s backup feature (Settings > Other Advanced Settings > Backup and Reset).
4. What if I want to unlock the BootLoder?This has nothing to do with forgetting the password. Specific can be found here http://www.miui.com/unlock/
5. My mobile phone is lost. What is the best way to do it? The first time to go to the business hall to lose the mobile phone SIM card, so many of the above thieves through the SIM card can not be achieved. 
Secondly, if “Find Phone” is enabled, you can log in to the Xiaomi Cloud Service to find the phone (https://i.mi.com/ ) and try to retrieve the phone.


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