Redmi 5 plus locked bootloader unbrick

1st of all thank God able to unbrick my unit. I bought the Rose Gold Redmi 5 plus due to its color availability only in China. The online seller stated sealed unit but end up sent me a ‘hacked’ global ROM unit. Why I said ‘hacked’, it was because I suspect the ROM he junk in might still a beta. Not just it won’t be able to OTA but also it was locked, and worst part, can’t be unlock due to 86006 ‘can’t bind to proceed with unlock’. Being a newbie for this new generation ‘locked bootloader’ units of Xiaomi, I only did minimal research & started to mess around with ROM. After several attempt, confirmed that locked unit can’t flash any ROM with normal processes such as system update, recovery update & fastboot update.

Desperately wanna upgrade to latest ROM, I took the risk & choose the so called Xiaomitool forcing the latest Global ROM into it. Ya & you are roght, I bricked it. It was like whole ROM erased & nothing inside the phone. Then I continue my research, trying to figure out how to unbrick my units.

Finally able to unbrick 😄
Here’s my summary:-

1) Download Qualcomm HS-USB driver

2) Download MiFlashTool (I tried several version)

3) Download latest Redmi 5 Plus Global Stable ROM (Fastboot) – extract into a specific folder
Refer below link:-
Download Global ROM Here

4) Install them & restart your PC in ‘disable driver signature enforcement’

5) 😱 Open up your back cover (Scariest part)
Use TEST POINT method to plug in my phone & detected as QUALCOMM HS-USB QDLoader 9008 under Ports

You may need to try several times**

6) After detected, open MiFlashTool, click refresh button & a COM number with a device detected

7) Select the folder where ROM being extracted, click FLASH & wait for firmware loaded into the phone.

Once done, power on the phone & all DONE, Red 5 Plus booted into original China ROM.

If want to install Global ROM, apply unlock permission legally & binding will surely be successful. But have to wait 360 hours to get the phone unlock.

Once unlocked, use MiFlashTool to install latest Global ROM (DO NOT use test point method 😬, plug into USB port as normal) in FASTBOOT mode.

😛 Hope it’s clear enough for everyone to understand.