Xiaobian received a phone call from a friend in the past few days, asking Xiaobian why his iPhone suddenly “white apple” ( a synonym for crashing bricks ), what needs to be done to continue normal use.

In fact, if the “white apple” is a light iPhone user, you may not encounter it once in a lifetime. But if it is an iPhone heavy user, jailbreak enthusiast, software collector, you may come across. But in fact, “white apple” is not terrible. In general, white apples can be repaired at home. How to fix it specifically, we will give you an answer in the following article. First of all, let’s talk about under what circumstances the iPhone will become a “white apple”!

White apple, generally refers to iOS device software and hardware failure, stuck in a similar startup screen (the color of the iPhone is different, there will be a black apple on a white background or a white apple on a black background), can not enter the mobile phone system normally, can not achieve any operation a state of one. Most of the time, “white apples” are BUGs in the system, and “white apples” are rarely caused by hardware problems.

First, the “white apple” caused by the system upgrade error

Apple pushed its latest iOS 9.3.2 system a few days ago, and Xiaobian’s iPhone became a “white apple” that was caused by an unexpected shutdown when he upgraded. iOS device firmware updates generally have four common methods, namely, directly upgrading the firmware on the iPhone, iTunes recovery firmware, iTunes update firmware, and entering the DFU mode to update the firmware. During the upgrade process, the computer unexpectedly shuts down, the iPhone shuts down unexpectedly, the downloaded firmware is incomplete, etc., which may cause a “white apple.” The “white apple” caused by this kind of reason is generally easy for iPhone users to appear, but don’t worry, this white apple is easy to solve, we said in the second half of the article.

Second, the “white apple” caused by jailbreak

iOS Jailbreaking is a technical means for obtaining the highest privilege of Apple’s portable device operating system iOS. Users can use this technology and software to obtain the highest privilege of iOS, and may even further solve the carrier’s right. Mobile network restrictions. Prisoners have several mentalities. First, I feel that the design of iOS itself does not meet my own needs. For example, iOS does not have a third-party keyboard. Second, I want to make a difference with the cool, such as transforming the iOS system into a MAC. In the system, the finger slides over the icon to have a jump effect; third, you want to use the free software for free; fourth, install the software that is not in the APP Store.

Regardless of the mentality, the jailbreaker actually broke the integrity of the iOS system in the moment of jailbreak, and used the vulnerability to modify the iOS, but this will inevitably cause the system BUG, ​​when the system can not operate normally, There will definitely be a “white apple.” This kind of situation usually occurs on iPhone users, which is a bit more troublesome to recover.

Third, a large number of download software caused by “white apple”

Some iPhone users have a good taste, what kind of fresh software wants to download and play, especially the limited, top rankings. But sometimes, even if the software is downloaded in the APP Store, it may be caused by a problem with its own design, causing the system to crash, resulting in a “white apple.” This kind of software generally uses wallpaper software, informal game software, and system beautification enhancement software. To put it more technically, the software of PXL and DEB file format is easy to cause “white apple”. More easily, if you find a piece of software that needs to modify your system, you need to get permission to run, etc., it is easy to cause a white apple.

And a large number of downloading software is easy to cause conflicts between software and software, and it is easy to cause “white apples” for this reason.

4. “White apple” for unknown reasons

Some people have analyzed the “white apple” for unknown reasons, perhaps related to too many startup items, user error deletion components, permission setting errors, etc., and the “white apple” caused by this reason is often impossible for users to reverse repair. This must be taken care of and be careful.

After talking about the cause of the “white apple”, let’s talk about how to solve the “white apple”! To solve the “white apple”, you must first distinguish whether your iPhone has been jailbroken. The solution of “white apple” after jailbreak is more trouble than no jailbreak. We said one by one.

First of all, if your iPhone is not jailbroken, it is simpler. Users can solve this by re-flashing the firmware. The first step is to download iTunes on your computer (the downloaded user should ignore it); the second step is to download the latest iOS firmware to your computer; the third step is to run iTunes and connect the computer to the iPhone with the data cable; The fourth step is to press and hold the iPhone’s power button and home button for a while (about 10 seconds), then release the power button, do not release the home button, wait for iTunes to recognize your iPhone; the fifth step is to identify you in iTunes. After the iPhone, look for the option to restore the device in iTunes, select the recovery device, iTunes will re-install iOS on the iPhone. In this way, after the installation is completed, the problem of “white apple” will be solved.